Frequently Asked Questions

Are the performers paid?


Why should performers be paid?  Wouldn’t they do this work as a service?

A great many performers have visited health care sites as volunteers, but artists cannot be expected to give away their services on a regular basis. Health Arts performances are professional, consistent and regularly delivered.  It is entirely appropriate and necessary that the work of performer partners of the Society be paid for.    
Is a range of genres provided?

Programmes usually feature from one to four performers offering a wide range of genres including Western classical music, light music, jazz, world music and spoken word.

How can I donate to Health Arts Society of Ontario?

By sending a cheque to the address below.  A charitable donation receipt is issued for any amount.

Health Arts Society of Ontario
500 – 59 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, ON  M5C 1K6
Registered Charity # 85295 3462 RR0001

I have other questions.  How can I get answers to them?

Please e-mail and we will be pleased to answer all questions about the work of the Society.